Disney World Packing List: What to Bring on Your Next Family Adventure

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Disney World, the “happiest place on earth,” is a magical destination that requires a bit of extra planning when it comes to packing. From comfortable walking shoes to sunscreen and ponchos, there are certain essentials you’ll need to make the most of your time at the parks. But with so many options for dining, shopping, and entertainment, it’s also important to consider what you’ll wear for each activity. Whether you’re planning to take on the roller coasters or enjoy a fancy dinner at a signature restaurant, a little bit of preparation will ensure that you’re dressed for the occasion and ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore our recommended gear and items by clicking on the linked words and phrases below, to ensure you have everything you need for your next trip.

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As you pack for your trip to Disney World in Florida, keep in mind that the weather can be hot and sunny, so pack comfortable and lightweight clothing, as well as a hat or bandana to protect your head and face from the sun. Also, bring comfortable walking shoes or sneakers for sightseeing and walking around the park. Remember to also pack any necessary documents, such as your theme park tickets or annual pass, and travel insurance documents.

Pack right, travel well!

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